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Build employee engagement

A platform that combines company communications, employee benefits and management of all types of absence in one place with access from any device and a mobile app 24/7.

About the service

Worksmile combines the modules of a wellbeing platform. Its task is to motivate employees to take care of their health and co-create a well-integrated and communicated community of employees. It enables an organization to consolidate its entire benefit policy in one place and digitize the process of acquiring and opting out of benefits and perks.

Worksmile is a web-based platform, accessible via a computer or tablet browser, and an app for Android and iOS phones. It thus provides quick and easy access to company activities, communications and benefits – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The platform is built in Polish and English, and has translations in 9 other languages.

Available modules

– Employee Wellbeing module – Motivate employees to a healthy lifestyle through a variety of features provided by the benefit platform. Give employees the opportunity to collect points for calories burned and taking care of their wellbeing and spend them on rewards and non-wage benefits through a cafeteria system.

– Community and communication module – Building an integrated corporate community is an effective way to build a strong organizational culture. Worksmile’s benefit platform allows you to keep your employees close to the company. By creating interesting content, groups and conducting attractive internal communication within the company through Worksmile’s employee portal, you build an effective system for motivating employees.

– Worksmile Cafeteria System module – An online platform where you can add all the benefits and perks for employees you have. Your employees will be able to choose the non-wage benefits they are interested in, and you can easily, centrally compile reports and account for expenses.


  • Motivated employees, taken care of in terms of physical and mental health
  • Efficient corporate communication and an integrated employee community
  • Entire benefit policy in one place
  • Digital process for obtaining and opting out of benefits and perks.

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