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Recruit with a friendly chatbot.

Wandlee will make your candidates apply in the comfort of any chatbot environment, while you enjoy automatic preselection in eRecruiter. Recruit faster, more efficiently and more naturally!

About the service

Wandlee equips organizations with a friendly recruitment chatbot, ready to be embedded on the company’s social media profile, in the Careers tab of the website, and in many other online places. The chatbot, through a pleasant and natural conversation with the candidate, conducts the initial stage of recruitment. It automates the preselection of candidates, providing the recruiter with the most important information about the potential employee.


  • More time for the best candidates - the chatbot automates the first stage of preselection, giving the report after the interview with the applicant appropriate tags, such as tags, stages, ratings or notes.
  • Increased conversion on the Careers page - embedding a chat widget in the tab will engage candidates in conversations and automate the application process
  • Simplified communication - the chatbot sends mass notifications to candidates assigned to a specific list.
  • Saves time - chatbot speeds up recruitment by automating interview appointment scheduling.
  • Ability to test different messages and select the best opc

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