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Identify talents and diagnose development needs

Increase the accuracy of personnel decisions with tests of sales prowess and orientation, employee potential, and simulation tasks and Assessment Center.

About the service

Do you want to check the level of competence, strengths and development areas of future or current employees? Take advantage of proven tools dedicated to, among other things, the study of sales performance and orientation, and objective assessment of competencies and development potential.

RESOLUTIO provides HR solutions to support assessment and development, thanks to which you will increase the accuracy of personnel decisions. Among its offerings are tools such as Sales Agility & Orientation, Your Potential Index and AC|DC simulation tasks.

Sales Agility & Orientation Test (SAO)

SAO is an online competency test with high reliability. One questionnaire allows you to assess competencies in B2C sales, B2B sales and FARMER – HUNTER orientation. The results are presented against a group of more than 1,300 Polish practitioners and experts (Polish standardization). The use of the SAO questionnaire helps:

  • Avoid misguided recruitment decisions for the sales team
  • Identify the reasons why sales targets are not being met
  • Accurately diagnose the training needs of your salespeople

Employee potential survey (YouPi)

YouPi is used to assess the development potential of adults regardless of the industry, position, age or gender of the respondent. The purpose of this psychometric questionnaire is to measure the potential for development, understood as a set of characteristics of a person, enabling him or her to take on increasingly difficult challenges and continuously develop talents. The use of the YouPi questionnaire helps:

  • Recruit employees with potential
  • Identify talent among existing employees
  • Qualify suitable candidates for internship schemes
  • Identify developmental barriers to coaching
  • Support succession planning

Simulation tasks & Assessment Centre

Through the use of simulation of single tasks or a full Assessment Center session (a multidimensional, objectivized process of assessing key competencies in the recruitment process), you will gain knowledge about the level of candidates’ competencies in terms of requirements in the recruitment process. The use of simulation tasks or Assessment Center helps you:

  • Increase the accuracy of your recruitment decisions.
  • Make personnel decisions based on objective competence assessment.
  • Get to know the strengths, potential and development areas of future employees.
  • Build a positive image of your company in the eyes of future employees.


  • Finding, in the recruitment and selection process, people with the highest competence and development potential
  • Optimal matching of future employees with the requirements of the position
  • Identification of strengths and development needs of employed employees
  • Accurate diagnosis of training needs of salespeople
  • Identification of talent among current employees
  • Support in qualifying suitable candidates for apprenticeship schemes
  • Identification of developmental barriers to coaching
  • Support in succession planning

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