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Automate HR processes across the entire employee lifecycle in your organization - starting with vacancy reporting and preonboarding.

About the service

HRM Productive24 is a comprehensive solution to accelerate and automate HR processes across the entire employee lifecycle in an organization – from recruitment, pre- and onboarding, employee assessments, MBOs and OKRs, competency screening, L&D, e-filing, absence management and other processes, to exit interviewing and offboarding.

What sets HRM Productive24 apart? First of all, the technology in which the solution was created – Productive24 is a platform in which business applications are built not by programmers, but by business analysts. It’s a game changer in software development – with Productive24, building dedicated applications takes radically less time and budgets are many times lower than with classic programming. Thanks to the platform, each Productive24 application can be instantly tailored to the specific requirements of a given organization. This new approach provides unparalleled flexibility and guarantees ongoing adaptation of the software to the changing needs of the company.


  • All HR processes in a single solution.
  • Tremendous flexibility in adapting the application to the needs of a given company.
  • Easy expansion and instant implementation of new features - without programmers
  • Native mobile apps as standard.
  • Organization structure, notifications, messenger, comments, spreadsheets, statistics, reports and many more built-in features.
  • Natural integration with dozens of Productive24 apps, e.g. for organization management, project management, delegate billing, budgeting, contract management and more.

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