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One-click recruitment appointments

eRecruiter will send your candidate an email and SMS with an attached link to the meeting and save the date in the recruiter’s calendar.

About the service

Online Meetings from MS Teams is a convenience for anyone who schedules remote recruitment interviews on a daily basis.

Thanks to the integration with eRecruiter, it is possible to send emails and SMS messages to the candidate with an automatically added link to the meeting in Microsoft Teams. eRecruiter will also send a confirmation to the user so that the meeting appears in both the Outlook calendar and MS Teams.

To enable MS Teams in eRecruiter, a tool integration must be performed. You will need the help of your company’s IT department to do this.


  • Speed up and make it easier to set up online recruitment interviews - you don't have to set up a meeting in Teams first, copy the link and paste it into the meeting each time - the system will do it for you.
  • Work on a familiar tool
  • Support for candidates - with email or SMS interview invitations, recipients also receive automatic reminders about the event.
  • Building a history of activities with the candidate's application - stage changes and email correspondence are noted in the system.
  • Detailed reports - the use of the "Meeting" stage will make it possible to see how many such events took place in a given month, as well as who participated in them.

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