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See caller information on your phone screen.

About the service

Labelcall is a mobile application that displays information about the candidate calling you. With Labelcall, your phone can display information about what position the candidate has applied for, their current recruitment status, and any information you choose to display yourself when a call comes in from the candidate. With Labellcall, you don’t have to waste time talking to a candidate to identify and search for information in eRecruiter. The app retrieves and displays data stored in your eRecruiter account.

Application features:

Caller ID
The application displays caller data of candidates from the eRecruiter system. With the candidate’s details, you can decide whether you want to pick up the phone, go directly to the candidate’s resume page or simply greet the candidate by name. At the same time, you can see who called you, if you missed a call.

Default application for phone calls
Labelcall is a simple dialing app that allows you to make calls directly in the app. With Labelcall, you can manage your call history and contact list. Set Labelcall as your default call app and replace unknown phone numbers with the data you have in eRecruiter.

Answer call screen
A simple and clear call answering screen that replaces the native phone screen.

Call history
Labelcall transparently presents your entire call history. Identifies received, missed and rejected calls.

Phone contacts
The Labelcall app allows you to view all contacts on your phone. Labelcall also has a search function for contacts.

Favorite contacts
Labelcall allows you to easily manage your list of favorite contacts.

Dual SIM card support
The app supports both single-sim and dual-sim phones.

Perform actions after a phone call
The app allows you to call a customer back, write a message to them or view their details immediately after a phone call, and the ability to save notes after a call.

The Labelcall app does not use call history to make data public, nor does it allow other users to view and search history. We do not sell or share your history with any organization or third party.

Enhance your candidate experience. Integrate Labellcall with eRecruiter and download the app to your phone!


  • Reduced call time on the phone
  • Save time after the call
  • Enable the candidate's card on your computer as early as 1 beep, thanks to the Chrome plug-in

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