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Recruit with the help of video recordings

Streamline the selection process by inviting candidates to video record their answers to your questions.

About the service

InterviewRecord is an online platform that will do the initial recruitment for you using video recordings.

How does it work with Interview Record?

  • You open the recruitment, appoint the Recruiter and Observers
  • You edit the questions and time each answer
  • You upload the candidates’ data
  • You send invitations
  • Candidates at the appointed time, but at their convenience, record their answers in video form
  • You watch and evaluate the candidates’ answers


  • You save your and the candidates' time
  • You will see much more by watching the videos than by just analyzing the resumes
  • You can invite more candidates to the video than to in-person meetings
  • You will compare candidates more easily and select the best ones
  • Pre-selection is more objective
  • You can invite more people from your company to the recruitment process - each of them will evaluate candidates at their convenience
  • The recruiter carries out the recruitment at his own pace, flexibly combining with other tasks

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