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New standard for HR processes

Manage leave and employee records, record working time and account for business trips through an online application.

About the service

HRnest is the new standard for HR processes in your company.

Created for SMEs for which Execs, emails and pieces of paper are not enough to effectively manage key HR issues:

  • manage leave requests and schedule absences in one place, streamlining the flow of information among your entire team,
  • record work time with a convenient app, in a way that suits your organization,
  • move employee workflow to the cloud and don’t miss any important deadlines, thanks to a system of notifications about expiring examinations or contracts,
  • settle business trips (including foreign trips) and issue electronic business trip orders.

Forget about paper schedules or vacation plans in Excel – with HRnest your company HR is always at hand, accessible from any device – easy, fast and without stumbling! Convenient features for adding company data in bulk will make your HRnest implementation take less than a day’s work!


  • saving employees' time
  • handling required paperwork
  • eliminating errors and misunderstandings

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