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Resumes don't show the full potential. Let skills do the talking.

Make faster, fairer and better hiring decisions with customized assessments that highlight the most qualified candidates based on their actual skills.

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Don’t waste time screening hundreds of resumes and interviewing candidates who only look good on paper. Get your time back to focus on the best candidates for the job right from the start.

Our AI-powered assessment wizard allows you to create a tailor-made assessment in just 5 minutes. It selects the right questions co-created by experienced subject-matter experts and personalizes them for your company.

It’s easy to overlook excellent candidates when making assumptions based on resumes. Heroify ensures each candidate is evaluated fairly and objectively by removing unconscious bias from the process.

The lack of feedback and the lengthy process are frustrating for candidates. With Heroify, every applicant has the chance to showcase their skills and receive feedback upon completing the assessment. Even rejected candidates enjoy it!


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