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Support employee development and onboarding

Platforms that use automation, game mechanisms and psychology to deploy and improve employee performance faster

About the service

Grow Uperion is 2 platforms in SaaS model: gamification or onboarding with gamification elements.

The first one uses the mechanisms of games and psychology and through such elements as challenges, rewards, moving to higher levels, rankings, points – that is, simply through healthy competition and fun – supports companies in increasing the effectiveness of their staff.

The second is a multifunctional tool that uses automation and gamification elements to make the process of introducing a new employee to an organization orderly, efficient and generates lower costs.

Grow Uperion’s platforms have a user-friendly interface and are intuitive to use.


  • More satisfied employees with their jobs and more willing to engage in their responsibilities
  • Better integrated team
  • Employees are 3 times more likely to participate in training sessions
  • Increased efficiency of salespeople in 71% of companies
  • Elimination of repetitive, tedious tasks (any number of scenarios)
  • Saving up to 30% of time for the HR department and future supervisor
  • Minimizing the risk of leaving after the probationary period
  • Reduction of stress associated with the new workplace
  • An employee is ready to perform duties independently up to 2 times faster

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