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Take your recruiting under the microscope

Optimize your recruitment processes. Great Digital will support you in analyzing data from eRecruiter reports and collecting feedback from candidates. It will provide HR analytics training or design a candidate experience survey project.

About the service

Great Digital helps you run more effective recruitment processes. It supports organizations in two areas: analyzing recruitment data and monitoring the candidate experience of recruits. It offers turnkey services and training in HR analytics.

Recruitment data analysis

1. Expert analysis of data from eRecruiter reports

How to optimize recruitment based on eRecruiter data? Great Digital’s experts will analyze the data from your reports, suggest KPIs, point out the strengths and weaknesses of the recruitment process and recommend what actions to implement to optimize the recruitment “funnel”.

2. HR analytics training for the recruitment team

Want to analyze data in real time and on your own? Great Digital will share the knowledge with you and your team. It will give you best practices in recruitment data analysis. It will tell you what data from eRecruiter (and more) is particularly worth paying attention to, how to work with it and how to communicate the results of recruitment to the business.

You will find sample training modules below. The final number and scope of modules will be tailored to the needs of your team.

Check out how the training “Modern HR analytics, or how to show the value of HR to business” can look like: nowoczesna analityka HR.pdf

Candidate experience research

1. Optimize your current candidate experience survey

Great Digital experts will suggest how to refine the questions in your recruitment survey. They will analyze the data collected so far and indicate what changes are worth making in your recruitment processes.

2. Design and implement a candidate experience survey

You can also order a tailor-made candidate experience survey. Great Digital experts will comprehensively design it: they will arrange the questions, prepare the communication and analyze the data from the candidates.

Check out what the work of preparing a candidate experience survey for your organization can look like: badanie CX.pdf


  • Effective recruitment
  • Positive candidate experience
  • Competent recruitment team, ready to conduct HR analysis on their own
  • Expert support in recruitment processes

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