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Convenient remote recruitment meetings

Schedule recruitment interviews on Google Meets directly from your eRecruieter account. Take advantage of integration with one of the most widely used online meeting platforms.

About the service

With the Google Meet integration, you can arrange remote recruitment interviews directly from your eRecruiter account – without having to log in to additional platforms.

All you need to do is select the “Online meeting” option in the “Meeting” step and choose “Google Meet” from the drop-down list. You can send the finished link in an email and SMS notification to the candidate. And that’s it!

Enabling Google Meet integration is very intuitive and will be done by a user with the Controller role.


  • A popular tool, familiar to both recruiters and candidates - in all likelihood, both have had the opportunity to use Google Meet. Familiarity with the interface contributes to greater comfort for callers and reduces the risk of technical "slip-ups."
  • Quick and easy appointment - after you select "Google Meet" in the "Meeting" step, the link automatically pulls into the message sent to the candidate. You don't need to log into additional accounts or add events yourself.
  • Orderly communication with candidates - thanks to the option to send links in emails and SMS messages, all the candidate has to do is click on the link at the agreed time and he/she will already be "there".
  • No communication chaos - each stage of the recruitment process takes place from the eRecruiter account, and you have the entire candidate history in one place.
  • More complete data for reporting - information about which candidates have had online meetings is more accurate summary reports for a recruitment project.

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