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Gamfi Onboarding is an application for comprehensive and automated onboarding of employees. It will help you quickly bring an employee to a state of full effectiveness at work.

About the service

The Gamfi Onboarding application handles the onboarding process from the hiring decision until the newly hired person becomes fully effective. Integration with eRecruiter allows you to run this process unattended.

The application breaks down the onboarding process into a sequence of micro-processes, allowing the tool to be tailored to the specifics of the company. Gamfi Onboarding automates and streamlines the work of all roles involved in the deployment process – from HR and HR to IT, administration, H&S and managers.

The solution includes pre-onboarding and employment preparation stage, welcome day (week), theoretical and practical implementation. Your company can implement the overall solution or choose one of the areas. The advanced automation and gamification mechanisms used in the application increase employee motivation, translating into a more efficient and effective transition through the entire process. Implementing Gamfi Onboarding will bring measurable value to your organization.


  • Shorter implementation process - by up to 21% compared to traditional onboarding
  • Saving up to 40% of the time of managers and HR teams involved in implementation
  • 15% less cost of employee implementation
  • 71% higher employee engagement
  • A structured and timed onboarding process
  • Ready-made onboarding path templates and the ability to arrange your own processes (e.g. related to a given position, role or department in the company)

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