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Extended Tools provides solutions to support recruitment, development and employee engagement. Among other things, it offers tools for behavioral analysis and sales competency development.

About the service

Extended Tools provides solutions to support recruitment, development and employee engagement. Its portfolio includes recruitment support products: Extended DISC and FinxS Sales Assessment.

Extended DISC

Extended DISC is a tool that measures natural behavioral styles based on an online survey. The answers given in it are used to generate a report that describes what a person’s preferred behavioral style, aptitudes and talents are. Extended DISC Behavioral Analysis is often used in recruitment, development schemes and career path building.
Extended DISC in recruitment:

  • helps match a candidate’s natural talents to challenges in a new job,
  • examines the candidate’s natural behavioral style, predispositions and communication style, which helps match the candidate to the company culture,
  • gives you the opportunity to compile a list of candidates and compare them with selected behavioral criteria
  • creates a better Candidate Experience through added value for candidates.

FinxS Sales Assessment

FinxS Sales Assessment is a tool that supports recruitment and development of salespeople. It measures the level of 18 competencies that directly affect sales and shows the potential for their development. Recruiters using FinxS Sales Assessment are able to create a competency model and verify that candidates meet the criteria defined in it. FinxS Sales Assessment is the only tool on the Polish market that was created specifically for people with sales experience.

The use of FinxS Sales Assessment reports in recruitment helps:

  • find candidates most suited to the company’s sales model,
  • examine the potential for development of particular sales competencies in a given candidate,
  • find out to what extent candidates like selling – that is, their Excuse Index™,
  • make accurate recruitment decisions,
  • save recruitment time and costs,
  • improve communication between HR and Sales to be able to jointly achieve the set goals.


  • Better matching of the candidate to the position, job specifics, sales model or company culture
  • More accurate recruitment decisions and savings in recruitment time and costs
  • Better cooperation between the HR department and the Sales department
  • Possibility of better employee orientation
  • Building a positive experience for candidates and employees

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