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Harness the potential of referrals

Reach for the most effective way to attract employees. Let your candidates be recommended to you by their relatives and friends! The employee referral module will help you do this systemically.

About the service

Did you know that using employee recommendations is the best way to get more job-matched candidates? Don’t miss this opportunity!

The employee referral module is based on the as old as the world mechanism of panto mail.

It allows you to find your dream employees through informal intermediaries: family members, friends or acquaintances of candidates.

Customizing the Employee Referrals page to suit your company’s needs and publishing advertisements on it will take you a few minutes and will not require the support of your IT department. You will do all this directly from the eRecruiter system.


  • Additional source of application acquisition integrated into the system
  • A chance to hire better-matched employees faster and cheaper
  • Data security and structured information flow from all application sourcing sites
  • Maintaining the same standard of process regardless of the application source
  • Better employer image and additional benefit for employees

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