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Recruit with a chatbot

Let candidates apply by talking to a chatbot.

About the service

The intelligent recruitment chatbot HireBot from Emplocity is an ideal support for the HR department in the first stages of the recruitment process and a tool for modern Employer Branding.

First of all, HireBot saves recruiters’ time in the first stages of recruitment. The candidate answers a series of pre-prepared questions, solves a dedicated test and can ask the questions that are important to him or her on their own. Based on the acquired information, HireBot matches the candidate to an offer and processes his application in the eRecruiter system. Using our proprietary conversational technology, artificial intelligence and natural language processing, the candidate’s recruitment experience is seamless and empathetic.

HireBot can be enhanced with preboarding and onboarding modules. With these, once the recruiter has made a positive decision, HireBot can continue the conversation with the candidate, agree on the form of employment, schedule a signing appointment and provide a package of necessary information. Once hired, it can continue the process of introducing the employee to the new workplace: train him or her on company procedures and responsibilities, check acquired knowledge, arrange familiarization meetings, answer common questions, and conduct a survey on impressions of the recruitment and introduction process. Everything in a simple and communicative form similar to an instant messenger, available both on a computer and a smartphone. Integration with popular company internal communication systems is also possible.


  • Pre-selection of job candidates
  • Better matching of candidates with offers
  • Smooth, conversational recruiting experience
  • Integration with eRecruiter system
  • Data security and GDPR compliance
  • Saving your team time
  • 24/7 Availability to the Candidate

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