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Streamline work - yours and your employees'

Automate your business and communication processes starting from preonboarding. Emplo will support you in three areas: process digitization, internal communication and performance management.

About the service

Gather all the tools you need on one platform. Meet emplo – an application that offers a selection of functionalities from 3 areas: process digitization, internal communication and performance management.

Modular design is one of the biggest advantages of the system. Design a space tailored to your organization’s needs, and emplo’s experienced team will help you choose the right modules!

emplo allows you to create even multi-stage processes, so it supports users at every stage of their career – right from pre-boarding. It helps to implement a new employee. It also reduces the time needed to perform daily tasks, such as sending applications, transferring information or company knowledge. You’ll find it all in a secure space accessible from anywhere in the world, just for employees.

Check out what you can find on your platform:

  • solutions to improve communication – company news, employee profiles, discussion groups, kudos, events,
  • tools for employee evaluation – periodic assessment, competencies, goals or Instant Feedback,
  • systems digitizing the processes of sending company requests, reporting absences, conducting employee surveys, preboarding, onboarding or whistleblower notifications,
  • Learning & Development instruments – knowledge base and tests, e-learning, skills, competencies..

The application is supported on all devices – it will work well in the office, as well as in a manufacturing company or a catering chain. Thousands of users from more than 100 companies have already been convinced of the effectiveness of employs.


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