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Bet on your image by putting up a career site

With Career Site Wizard you will build a clear and attractive career site in just a few minutes – on your own, without the help of IT or an external agency. Create your image as a professional employer.

About the service

Career Page Builder allows you to create a corporate career page directly from the system – in just a few minutes!

The intuitive interface will allow you to design the page on your own, without professional external support, and the integration with the system’s ads will improve your search for ideal candidates.


  • Your own career site for quick, self-design and implementation
  • No need to involve IT, marketing or external agencies
  • Qualitative support of recruitment processes - a free, system-integrated source for sourcing valuable applications
  • Strengthening of Employer Branding - an additional element of building a positive and professional image of the employer in the eyes of candidates

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