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Outsource candidate selection to voicebot

The Apofonica HR Voicebot will support you in selecting job candidates. It will call them after receiving THEIR applications and ask them key questions. The call report will save in eRecruiter system in the form of tags and notes.

About the service

HR Voicebot is a solution that makes the candidate selection stage easier for recruiters. Voicebot calls candidates up to 5 minutes after they apply for a job offer. In a natural voice, it asks pre-prepared questions tailored to the recruitment process. It then completes the candidate’s profile with the data obtained from them. The full interview report is saved in the eRecruiter system in the form of tags and notes.

In addition, voicebot changes the stages of the recruitment process. With its support, you can skip the stage of reviewing resumes and sorting applications and contact the most promising candidates right away.

Apifonica, the developer of HR Voicebot, is a cloud-based platform for multi-channel communication. It allows you to automate the most diverse business processes.


  • Lower recruitment costs - compared to traditional contact with a candidate, the process takes less time, thus generating savings.
  • More efficient recruitment process - your recruitment will speed up by up to 76%, and recruiters will gain efficiency.
  • Positive candidate experience - HR Voicebot leaves no candidate unanswered.
  • Shorter application form - the number of questions will decrease, as key information will be asked by the bot.

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