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Test candidates in the recruitment game.

Study candidate behavior, competencies and potential. Invite them to play a game that simulates a typical day at work in a future position.

About the service

313c is a recruitment game in which you examine the competencies and potential of future employees. With one click, you select specific recruitment processes and your candidates automatically receive invitations to the online recruitment game.

The game examines the behaviors that make up the key competencies and potential necessary for a successful job. The collected data is analyzed by AI and becomes the basis of a candidate ranking, where you can check the talents and skills of your potential employees. As a result, you are able to make an accurate selection decision and significantly accelerate the entire recruitment process.

The storyline of the game is designed to provide candidates with a sense of immersion in a realistic vision of work. As a result, they learn the specifics of the tasks of the position already at the recruitment stage and make a more informed decision about further participation in the process. At the same time, the game strengthens the positive image of the employer and can serve as a pre-onboarding tool.

Measuring behavior allows to fairly and without bias evaluate the future effectiveness of a candidate.


  • Faster and more efficient recruitment process
  • New employees more aware of the role and responsibilities they are assuming
  • Management of the pre-onboarding period
  • Strengthening the employer's image

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