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Automate appointment reminders

eRecruiter will send automatic text messages to the candidate with notification and interview reminders.

About the service

Do you want to make sure that the candidate does not miss the details of the scheduled recruitment meeting? Tired of no-shows or last-minute cancellations?

Use the option of meeting confirmation via SMS sent from eRecruiter. The applicant will receive the address, contact for you and the date and time of the application interview on their phone. In addition, 24 hours before the meeting, eRecruiter will automatically send him/her an SMS reminder about the scheduled meeting.


  • You are assured that the candidate will not forget about the interview
  • In an exceptional situation, the candidate will be able to easily cancel the meeting, and you will immediately receive a notification of their decision
  • You will positively influence the candidate experience
  • You will avoid wasting time waiting for a candidate who does not show up for a meeting.

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