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Support the organization's culture in a remote working environment

Build an organizational culture with people at its center

About the service

Teamtoolbox is a collection of tools for building a friendly work environment, managing employee competencies, mutual appreciation and motivation, continuous feedback collection and giving, and communication. Teamtoolbox will help you build an organizational culture with people at the center and deal with the challenges posed by remote work, all in the spirit of Management 3.0 and Agile philosophy.

Integration of the Teamtoolbox platform with eRecruiter enables:

  • onboarding of new employees,
  • automatic aggregation of information on the competencies and development plans of your employees,
  • continuous monitoring of the mood and job satisfaction of your team members,
  • appreciating and motivating employees,
  • supporting the integrity of distributed teams and strengthening team relationships.

Thanks to the system of permissions granted inside the application, its administration does not require much involvement, and the reports and statistics module allows you to monitor and export data related to the use of the application by employees.


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