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Hunt for talent through psychometrics

Talent Bridge will help you acquire the best professional talent. With accurate and reliable psychometric tools, you will quickly examine the competencies of candidates and receive the results in your eRecruiter account.

About the service

Talent Bridge supports the selection process of job candidates. It offers psychometric tests and questionnaires tailored to the specifics of the company and the recruitment goal. As a result, it helps to efficiently identify employees with the right talents and competencies.

With the integration of HR Marketplace and Talent Bridge, you can automate the sending of tests and reporting of their results in the eRecruiter system. You will receive notifications in your account about completed tests, and their results will be saved in the candidate’s note with a link to a personalized report.


  • Additional confirmation of candidates' key competencies
  • Shorter recruitment process
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Less risk of incurring costs of hiring the wrong person
  • Better organization of the team's work
  • Positive candidate experience

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