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Recruit to multiple locations simultaneously

Search for candidates for many different locations within a single project.

About the service

Multirecruiting is the ability to comprehensively manage a recruitment project conducted to any number of locations simultaneously.

The module allows you to grant access to selected people to a specific location, such as a selected shopping mall or a store within a chain, so that they are not seen by the other participants involved in the process. For example: a store manager from location X will not see candidates whose resumes have been received by a manager from location Y. All this without the need to create new recruitment projects.

What’s more, this add-on allows you to add or remove locations from the application form at any time!


  • Efficiently manage recruitment for multiple locations simultaneously within the same city or region
  • Effective response to internal "struggle" for the same candidates
  • Better communication between units to which the company recruits

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