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Onboarding and training processes of your company 100% online

About the service

As many as 91% of employees stay with a company longer if they receive proper implementation at the initial stage. Skillveo is an e-learning platform that will allow you to transfer your company’s employee training and onboarding processes to the online world quickly and easily.

By integrating with eRecruiter, you can automate the transfer of a candidate from the recruitment process to the onboarding process. Automate onboarding and benefit: reduce implementation time, cut costs and save time for those involved in the process.


  • Customized onboarding paths tailored to the position.
  • Interactive tests and audiovisual materials.
  • Access to onboarding on any device.
  • Practical exercises to complete on your own.
  • Manager's panel and progress reports.
  • Ability to add your own training materials.

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