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Remote signing of contracts using qualified signatures. Legalization of residence and work of foreigners ad A to Z.

About the service

Employ quickly, safely, conveniently and ecologically. Free yourself from unnecessary paperwork.
ShiftMe electronic contract signing
  • Sign contracts without leaving home, no matter where in the world you or your employee/contractor are at the moment
  • Verify the Candidate’s data and identity
  • You can also have ShiftMe sign the contract with the employee/contractor on behalf of the Employer – If for some reason you are unable to do so
  • Documents along with attachments are signed using electronic signature or qualified signature
  • After signing the contract, you can additionally introduce Candidates to the Onboarding process
ShiftMe legalization
  • Legalization of stay and work of foreigners ad A to Z
  • We act on your behalf and handle the entire legalization procedure
  • We analyze the legality status
  • We contact the authorities
  • We fulfill the Employer’s information obligation
  • We fill out, submit, complete and receive documents and applications
  • We conduct labor market tests
  • We provide services to persons from Ukraine in accordance with the latest law
  • We can carry out supervision over the legality of stay and work of the employee/contractor, possibility of permanent service
  • We prepare documents: Statement of entrustment of work, Work Permit type A,B, C, D, E, Residence Card, Visa van den Erst and documents necessary for foreigners i.e. invitation, applications Pesel, NIP, notification of family member and others Guarantee of continuity of employment


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