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Online computer game for assessing personality aptitude

Stimulate engagement, positive emotions and lower stress in the assessment process.

About the service

What is ReQiu?
ReQiu is an online computer game for assessing personality predispositions, which, in addition to feedback about the assessed people, allows you to arouse commitment, evoke positive emotions, and reduce stress in the assessment process. ReQiu is an alternative to questionnaires and AC (Assessment center), which works great in the recruitment processes of current employees.

What is ReQiu Personality?
ReQiu Personality is a proprietary model that is an innovation on the HR market. It is a synthesis of the 30-year achievements of classic psychological research in the field of identifying and measuring performance predictors in the work environment, supported by machine learning and dressed in an attractive and modern form!

What does ReQiu measure?
ReQiu allows you to create a psychological profile based on the measurement of features that are related to functioning in the workplace. Knowledge about the psychological profile of your employee allows you to predict behavior, aspirations, the way of acting under pressure, or the style of cooperation.


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