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Platform for comprehensive soft HR process management.

The application allows you to conduct all processes throughout an employee’s lifecycle in an organization. Starting from support in the recruitment process, through onboarding, evaluations, performance, trainings, and leaves management and much more.

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OstendiHR enables the automation and management of all soft HR processes. The application supports companies in making informed decisions about employees and allows for storing information about them in one place.

The system is available in 19 languages and offers the possibility of global deployment. OstendiHR solutions are based on the latest technologies and expert knowledge. The platform ensures the highest security standards.

Available solutions:

  • With the use of the Ostendi Talent Hunter personality questionnaire, you will make thoughtful decisions already at the recruitment stage. You will create a reference profile tailored to the position requirements, and then match it with candidate profiles.
  • OstendiHR onboarding allows for the automation of the onboarding process. You will assign tasks and roles for individuals involved in the process and plan activities for newly hired employees divided into what needs to happen before the first day of work, during it, and throughout the onboarding period.
  • With OstendiHR, you will assess the level of competencies, identify the strengths and areas for development of your employees, through conducting assessments using the 360°, 270°, or 180° method.
  • The application will also support your organization in the process of setting goals and managing employee performance.
  • With the training management module, you will identify the developmental needs of employees and plan appropriate actions.
  • With OstendiHR you will conduct employee opinion and engagement surveys.
  • The system also has a module for managing employee leaves.
  • With OstendiHR, you will also assess the knowledge level and developmental potential of candidates and employees.


  • Automation and acceleration of HR processes
  • Reliable data about employees and candidates in one place
  • Elimination of errors in processes
  • Ability to deploy applications in international teams
  • Transparent reports available within seconds
  • The best data security standards

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