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Build your recruitment marketing

LoveJob will help you build a strong employer brand. Using unique storytelling, you will strengthen your recruitment marketing. You will create a vision of a workplace to fall in love with.

About the service

LoveJob story is a tool that builds employer branding and supports recruitment marketing. It harnesses the power of storytelling to create engaging communications on an organization’s website.

Increase the number of incoming resumes with an intuitive UX/UI, attractive job listing presentation and efficient search engine. Build an excellent first impression through an interface with large images, video, slogan and visible (CTA) job offer on mobile devices. Present the company’s EVP and culture appropriately.

Tell a story that will make candidates stay with you for longer. Use dedicated sections to include relevant content for candidates, such as:

  • values,
  • stories and testimonials,
  • team descriptions and characteristics – real insights for candidates,
  • photos, videos,
  • diversity & inclusion policies.

Get more high-value resumes with UX/UI that makes it easy to search for jobs and apply:

  • call to action (“apply” or “job offers” button) in several places,
  • mobile first optimization,
  • optimized positioning in Google,
  • CMS.


  • More resumes acquired
  • Positive employer image and good candidate experience
  • Tools for tracking the effectiveness of EB activities
  • Easy to use thanks to ready-made modules for entering content

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