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Verify language skills

With the Langdit platform, you will fully remotely conduct language audits of your candidates and employees. You will use them in recruitment, training or development schemes.

About the service

The Langdit platform allows you to easily and fully remotely conduct language audits. The audits accurately verify the language skills of candidates or employees and assess them on the CEFR scale (A1-C2). You can use the results of the analysis in recruitment, training or development schemes for your employees.

Integration of the Langdit platform with eRecruiter allows you to:

  • create language audits on demand,
  • automatically send language audits and notifications,
  • preview the candidate’s language level in the form of a tag, e.g. “English B2”,
  • access to a detailed final report within 24 hours.

Langdit offers audits from 5 languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Polish. The platform does not require coordination of meetings or conversations with the auditor. The entire process, including the speaking part, is conducted 100% remotely. The audit can be performed immediately after the order – on the platform, without unnecessary waiting.


  • Knowledge of real language skills in employees or job candidates
  • Fully remote, self-service and easy to use
  • Successful recruitment and matched candidates
  • Material to guide further employee development
  • Special safeguards to guarantee the reliability of the results

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