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Integration with Career page

Publish ads directly from the system on your website

About the service

With this module you will simplify the publication of recruitment offers and collection of applications from your corporate website and company Intranet! Thanks to direct integration with eRecruiter, you will publish and post your ads at any time. You decide how many there will be and how long they will be visible.

Candidates accessing your website will get access to an accessible list of job offers and a convenient job search engine. With just one click, they will read and apply to your offers!

You’ll also get the ability to send complete recruitment ads (ad content, link to application form, basic information) to those publication venues you work with while collecting applications.

With the ability to publish in your own media:

  • you publish announcements directly from eRecruiter to your Career site and intranet;
  • you speed up the recruitment process by publishing offers faster;
  • you don’t need contact with the company’s website managers to post or take down an ad;
  • you can also send offers to other sources you cooperate with, directly from the system.


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