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The fastest way to deliver your jobs to matched tech candidates

Get your job openings delivered directly to a curated pool of Europe’s top tech talents without manual search.

About the service delivers job ads directly to the email addresses of registered and matched candidates.

inhire combines matching – an algorithm that will send your job offers to hundreds of matched candidates from our contact network, as well as an employer profile that takes care of employer branding.

  • 22,000 – verified and experienced candidates
  • 110,000 – our network of tech contacts that we can connect immediately
  • 800 – new candidates register for inhire each month

Thanks to the integration with eRecruiter, candidates applying via inhire appear immediately in the system – in this way, all information is locked in one place.


  • Optimized resume processing
  • Reduced recruiter time
  • No GDPR paperwork (all candidate consents will transfer automatically)
  • Well-matched candidates

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