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Create exceptional experiences for your candidates and employees!

About the service

Discover an innovative form of communication with Hypercare and start creating exceptional experiences for your candidates and employees!

Candidates have never been so engaged before
Start sending video messages to differentiate yourself as an employer and deliver exceptional experiences to candidates.

Make candidates love you
Put an end to boring and unwanted emails. Start building an exceptional candidate experience with Hypercare. Send engaging video messages that your candidates will love

Take advantage of best practices
Get started with Hypercare’s most popular, ready-to-use templates. Add your video and start building unique candidate experiences.

  • Interview invitation: your candidates don’t make it to meetings or come in late? Use our “interview invitation” template, add your video and keep your candidates engaged like never before.
  • Recruitment process: send unique video messages to candidates∑. Build an emotional connection with top talent and keep them engaged in the recruitment process.
  • Pre-onboarding: engage candidates before their first day on the job. Allow them to better understand your company. Automate the onboarding process with video messaging.



  • foster a positive candidate experience
  • build a positive employee experience

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