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Expert Reports

Your advanced recruitment reports at your fingertips

About the service

With Expert Reports, you will effortlessly track the most time-consuming elements of your recruitment processes, check the quality of your sources for publishing ads, candidate applications and business partnerships. Each section of Expert Reports will provide you with unique information to speed up your recruitment processes:

  • Recruitment – you will check detailed data about each recruitment by its stages or application sources, among others. You will evaluate the effectiveness of each project and business cooperation, such as the time of IKK assessment by the manager.
  • Candidates – you will verify the flow of candidates in all recruitments. You will check the value of the offers presented to candidates, the recruitment announcements published by the company and the applications flowing in response.
  • Sources – you’ll find out where the best quality applications are coming from and which places to publish offers further to better manage your recruitment budget.

Are you a System Controller? We put even more reports at your disposal:

  • Recruitment efficiency – you will verify all recruitment processes and the efficiency of the HR department.
  • Market data – you will check how your organization compares to other companies in terms of KPIs or time between recruitment stages.

With eRecruiter, reporting has never been so easy! All reports are prepared in such a way that you can immediately download them to a graphic file or Excel file and continue to perform further summary activities. Expert reports are an indispensable part of every recruiter’s work, for whom optimizing the team’s work and increasing efficiency is important.


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