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Check the cultural fit between candidates and your organization.

Get candidates who will fit into your company’s culture and stay with your company for the long term.

About the service

Lack of cultural fit is the most common reason for talent leaving a company. With CultureFitQ from Redpill, you can get candidates who will fit into your company’s culture and stay longer.

Unique recruitment process :

  • Make an objective comparison between the cultural profile of internal and external candidates
  • Use the right questions when interviewing candidates to thoroughly explore differences in cultural fit
  • Provide candidates with a unique and memorable experience
  • Discover whether the candidate will be a leader, follower or opponent of your company’s culture

Why is cultural fit important?

  • Lack of cultural fit is the most common cause of talent leaving a company
  • Employee behavior depends much more on values and beliefs than on skills

Who is it useful for?

  • for organizations that want to consciously create the organizational culture of their company
  • for HR managers who care about creating an exceptional candidate experience during the recruitment process
  • for leaders who want to understand the cultural preferences of their employees
  • for leaders making a fundamental cultural change in the organization and needing people to support the expected direction of change

How it works.

CultureFitQ consists of 20 pairs of questions to which the candidate answers by describing his or her preferred organizational culture. The candidate’s answers are juxtaposed with internal management scores describing the culture needed to implement the strategy. The result of comparing the candidate’s preference with the company’s requirements allows determining the culture fit (Culture Fit) and indicates areas to be deepened during the recruitment interview with the candidate.


  • Increases the likelihood of new hires fitting into the company's desired culture and staying there for the long term
  • Helps recruiters and managers understand candidates' true beliefs,
  • Provides interview questions based on the biggest differences between candidate preferences and company expectations,
  • Allows managers to compare the cultural profiles of internal and external candidates in an objective manner,
  • Provides a predictor of candidate behavior: whether the candidate will resist change, follow it, or become a leader,
  • Gives candidates the opportunity to learn about their cultural preferences and broadens their self-awareness,
  • Ensures the uniqueness of the recruitment process.

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