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Generate detailed process reports

Take advantage of an additional module that will allow you to generate a set of any information about your recruitment processes.

About the service

Get a wealth of valuable information for analysis.

With the additional module, you will generate data that will allow you to, among other things:

  • check the duration of recruitment (counted in different ways depending on your needs) and the time between stages,
  • analyze answers to questions from the form (if the same question was used in multiple forms),
  • monitor the number of open and closed vacancies,
  • verify the number of applications at a given stage at a given reporting time,
  • analyze the reasons for application rejections at each recruitment stage.


  • Ability to individually select the range of data
  • Wide choice of data filtering criteria
  • Professional support in managing recruitment processes
  • More efficient work of the entire recruitment team
  • Basis for optimization of future processes

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