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Stand out with your offer

Give your ads unique layouts and make them consistent with your organization’s corporate identity.

About the service

  • Are you looking for a person for a new position, and do you want your ad to stand out from the rest?
  • Each department in the company is to have its own style of ad presentation?
  • Or maybe it’s time for a major transformation and rebranding?

Additional graphic layouts will be the best solution here. This is the option that will save you when you find that your ads need… new garments.

Ad layouts are nothing more than “clothing” for the offers published by the eRecruiter system on the Careers page or intranet. In addition to the default number of layouts you receive in the package, you can also order additional layouts of your choice.


  • Ads are consistent with your company's visual identity
  • Your listings stand out from many other competitive ones
  • You ensure a positive recruitment experience for candidates.
  • You have the option to order additional layouts (beyond the pool of default ones)

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