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Make it easy to refer candidates

With Sharehire, you will engage your community in recommending candidates to work for your organization and easily pay rewards for valuable referrals.

About the service

ShareHire is an IT solution that makes it easy to engage employees and others in recommending job candidates to your organization. The application also relieves the employer of handling the process of rewarding successful referrals.

By integrating ShareHire with eRecruiter, you will increase the effectiveness and reach of referrals, and provide an attractive benefit to your employees or to the outside community, such as alumni, agents or candidates involved in referrals.


  • Automated communication with referrers - thanks to gamification and competitions, the application will effectively engage them in the referral scheme.
  • Management of reward payments for successful referrals - you can manage on your own or delegate this task to ShareHire, saving time and money.
  • Form of referrals tailored to the specifics of white/blue collar positions and company structure.
  • Access to referral applications from within the eRecruiter system.

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